The Common “Criticism-Weakness-Failure” Essay Question

The ‘criticism-weakness-failure’ essay is common in MBA Admissions essays because it is a test of an applicant’s maturity, self-knowledge, honesty, and ability to learn from mistakes. It is, in other words, the biggest indicator of real leadership ability and potential.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Networking for MBA Applicants

Part of the holy grail of a good application to business school is to show why the particular nature of the b-school you are applying to fits with you and what you want out of your MBA. That is, each program has a slightly different ‘signature’ in terms of curriculum, type of students, faculty interest, clubs and extramurals, internship-recruitment opportunities, alumni network and so on, … [ Read more ]

MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing

MBA Admissions Strategy guides candidates through the four most important aspects of a successful, competitive business school application:

* Competitive Strategy
* Profile Development
* Essay Management and
* Writing Technique

This lively and accessible new book takes you step-by-step through the process of producing a successful MBA application, with primary emphasis on … [ Read more ]