Realize results: Busting three common myths of change management

Bain analyzed the barriers to successful change management at 184 global companies. The study enabled us to identify predictable patterns of risks in a broad cross-section of change efforts. We found, for example, that about 65 percent of initiatives required significant behavioral change on the part of employees-something that managers often fail to consider and plan for in advance. Nearly 60 percent of the companies … [ Read more ]

Kick-Start Your Talent Machine

Leadership becomes more urgent than ever in a downturn, and ensuring an adequate supply of leaders in the roles where they can make the most difference remains a vital priority. Closing leadership gaps and building a talent-rich organization requires careful planning.

The Seven Habits Of An Effective Board

Rarely have corporate directors faced such a deep and widespread erosion of public trust. What can directors do to affirm their role, drive board effectiveness and reclaim control over their own agenda? They can start by holding up a mirror to their own board performance, as measured against the “seven habits of an effective board.”

Editor’s Note: a slightly longer version of this article can … [ Read more ]

Putting Your Leaders Where It Counts

Companies that systematically and continuously put the right leaders in the right jobs outperform companies that don’t-by a wide margin. In this article, the authors argue that chief executives must recognize and act on the consequences of how they deploy their best managers.

Starring Roles

Good Leaders don’t grow on trees. All the more reason to nurture them carefully, say partners at Bain & Co.