Personality Tests: Back With a Vengeance

Are you an INTJ or an ESFP? Why employers love personality tests more than ever, and what you need to know before you pick up a pencil.

Are You Ready for Your Close-up?

It’s now part of every executive’s job description: Be good at TV.
In the past, the big challenge was to give a good speech. Enter corporate speechwriters, who could make sure that the words on paper at least made sense. Keep your head down, stick to the script, and you’re home safe. But now that’s table stakes. Now you have to be fast on your feet, … [ Read more ]

True or False: You’re Hiring the Right People

If you answered “False,” you may need Unicru’s smart-assessment program — a fast-paced, real-time screening system that quickens your hiring process, improves your hit ratio, and boosts your employee-retention rate. And that’s the truth.

Intel’s Got (Too Much) Mail

Intel averages 3 million email messages per day. That’s enough to choke even the fastest-moving company. Here’s a short course on how the Silicon Valley giant gets the most out of those messages.