Allan Cohen

Bureaucracy was developed to solve the problem of how to get work done by people who might not have the skills, experience, motivation or training to make wide-ranging decisions, but who could do work that was carefully prescribed and circumscribed. By limiting the scope of latitude through defined positions, rules and procedures, organizations could leverage the talents of those few at the top who had … [ Read more ]

Creating Great Products with Apple’s Steve Wozniak, Inventor of the Personal Computer

2007 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the introduction of the Apple II, the first true personal computer. Because of his belief that everyone should be able to afford and use a computer, its creator, Steve Wozniak, pioneered an ingenious low-cost design that combined ease-of-use with valuable functionality.

Babson Insight recently interviewed the Woz, as he is known, and asked him to go beyond the tale … [ Read more ]

Influencing Difficult Subordinates

Most of us who manage people have had difficult subordinates. Often the greater their ability, the more irritating or disruptive they may be to the work of your organization. But you can’t succeed without them, so how can you influence their behavior? Drawn from the book Influence Without Authority, this article examines the factors that affect your ability to influence subordinates, some practical approaches … [ Read more ]

Building a Company of Leaders

Employees at every level of the organization need to take initiative-to conceive, to inspire, and to initiate change. In short, to lead. What is needed today, more than ever before, is entrepreneurial leadership. Professor Cohen previews his new book on the subject by reviewing a successful example of a how a General Foods division used innovative operating structures and processes to create an entire facility … [ Read more ]

Leading From The Middle: Issues and Answers On Leadership For Middle Managers

We’ve all been there…you see a great opportunity, but you’re a middle manager, not the division or corporate President, so you lack the direct authority and resources to implement your ideas and affect change. How do you lead the top people and your peers to successful change? Listen to Prof. Cohen describe the keys to getting your ideas heard, gaining support and building your leadership … [ Read more ]

A Case Of Lost Influence: The Need For Flexibility And Exchanges

We all know them. They exist in every company. Many times they are smart people, sometime very smart. They lack influence and can’t pull together a team and draw the best effort out of people. Prof. Cohen looks at a case of failed influence and provides analysis and recommendations on how to avoid losing your own influence.

Mainstreaming Entrepreneurship: Leadership at Every Level, Part 1

How do you foster entrepreneurship in your mainstream business? Babson Professor Allan R. Cohen speaks about the fact that leaders are not just those at the top; they can and must be in all kinds of jobs throughout the organization.