Making Mergers E-Merge: Using the Internet to Jump-Start Integration

With a “clean team” and a digital platform, BP and Amoco shaved months from their merger closing – and added immeasurably to shareholder value.

Editor’s Note: though the article focuses on client work on the BP-Amoco merger, a lot of interesting material that has broad applicability is discussed.

Dynamic Competitive Simulation: Wargaming as a Strategic Tool

Drawing on military wargames to simulate battlefield conditions, commercial wargaming simulates a set of business conditions and challenges executives to design successful strategies that are able to evolve with the changing nature of the environment. In a corporate war game, senior managers play their own company, a select group of their competitors and the marketplace. A control team plays all other entities that affect the … [ Read more ]

Toward a New Theory of Growth

Dismissing the conventional wisdom linking revenue growth and shareholder value as only partially accurate and potentially misleading, the authors advance preliminary ideas on a new theory of growth – part of an ongoing research effort at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. In fact, they identify two fundamentally different paradigms, calling them Managed-Growth and Innovative-Growth.