Charged Up: Managing the Energy that Drives Innovation

Leaders readily acknowledge that innovation is essential for their companies’ success. And they recognize that energized employees are more likely to produce valuable innovations than those who have become passive or reactionary. However, they also struggle with the best way to drive enthusiasm and passion deep into a workforce. One often-overlooked opportunity for improvement lies in the daily conversations and meetings that either energize or … [ Read more ]

The Hidden Power of Social Networks

That organizational charts rarely describe functional hierarchy is obvious to any employee who’s ever tried to adhere to one. Instead, survival often depends on incorporating oneself into unofficial social networks that allow one to gain access to necessary information and to collaborate with the colleagues who can actually get things done. In this dense but useful volume, Cross and Parker-both consultants with IBM’s Knowledge and … [ Read more ]

How Org Charts Lie

In an excerpt from Harvard Business School Press’ Hidden Power of Social Networks, learn how “social network analysis” reveals problems your org chart ignores.

Editor’s Note: For a much better article on this topic (and one of my favorites), see “Karen Stephenson’s Quantum Theory of Trust”