Flipping the Odds for Successful Reorganization: Organization of the Future: Designed to Win

Rapid change requires companies to reorganize more frequently, more fundamentally, and faster than ever before. But the odds for failure are high. New BCG research has uncovered six critical success factors that can dramatically flip a company’s odds of reorganization success—and help it achieve reorganization’s ultimate purpose: driving competitive advantage.

Organizational Capabilities Matter: Organization of the Future: Designed to Win

Organizational capabilities have a major impact on long-term corporate performance, and none matter more than behavioral aspects. But behavioral attributes can have a high impact only when they’re backed by strong structural capabilities. A new BCG Focus explains what organizations can do to develop the appropriate sets of capabilities.

Editor’s Note: I see many weaknesses in the approach and methodology employed for this study and thus … [ Read more ]

Role Charters

As organizations become increasingly global in scope and complex in structure, decisions that need to be made are often left unresolved. People who should be collaborating instead circle around one another warily. A tool known as a role charter can help ensure both effective decision-making and collaboration.

Demystifying Organization Design

Organization design can provide effective and practical resolution of many stubborn strategy and business-execution issues. If a redesign is to work, executives need to recognize that all three elements of design—structure, individual capabilities, and roles and collaboration—are essential. Indeed, there is a dynamic interplay among them. When structure, individual capabilities, and roles and collaboration are in alignment—and tightly linked with a company’s strategy and sources … [ Read more ]