A Deal-Making Strategy for New CEOs

New CEOs typically raise the tempo of transactions at first, then the pace slows down. Is that costly?

How the Best Acquirers Excel at Integration

The same handful of integration challenges vex companies year after year. New survey data suggest how high performers stay on top.

Rebecca Doherty, Spring Liu, Andy West

Because there are often different owners throughout a company’s M&A process, it can be particularly tricky to put proper incentives in place for each one. So, incentives must balance the promotion of post-integration success with the successful execution of an individual’s role.

M&A as Competitive Advantage

Treating M&A as a strategic capability can give companies an edge that their peers will struggle to replicate.

Taking a Longer-Term Look at M&A Value Creation

Companies that do many small deals can outperform their peers—if they have the right skills. But they need more than skill to succeed in large deals.

Mastering Sales Force Integration in a Merger

Companies can seize the opportunity in mergers by involving employees and customers in the integration process, retaining critical staff, generating momentum by quickly winning key accounts, and serving the right customers in the right way.