Competing for Advantage: How to Succeed in the New Global Reality

BCG has developed an analytical framework—the Global Advantage Diamond—for assessing a company’s current market position and devising strategies to achieve global competitive advantage. The Global Advantage Diamond differs from previous global-strategy models in its focus on all four aspects of global advantage: market access to reach new markets and segments, resource access to maximize competitive advantage, local adaptation to meet the full range of needs … [ Read more ]

Organizing for Global Advantage in China, India, and Other Rapidly Developing Economies

This report sets forth the organizational practices and design principles of companies that are operating successfully in rapidly developing economies, particularly China and India. Whether global companies are currently engaged in sourcing, manufacturing, selling, or conducting R&D in these markets-or, very often, doing all four-they are finding the task of organizing their activities there a significant challenge.

Globalizing R&D: Building a Pathway to Profits

Global R&D is making headlines but companies’ experiences to date are mixed at best. This article examines why many companies that are already moving are achieving only lukewarm results.