Beth Jones

While it’s true that what gets measured gets managed, measurement should not be confused with management.

3 Biases That Hijack Performance Reviews, and How to Address Them

When we talk about bias, we often tie it to acts of discrimination or prejudice. But according to cognitive science, everybody, by virtue of having a brain that’s constantly seeking efficiency, is biased in some way — and not all biases make us actively malicious.

The key is how we manage our biases.

While biases can affect any of an organization’s talent decisions, they can be especially … [ Read more ]

David Rock, Beth Jones

Stop telling people to give feedback as a practice, and instead, encourage their employees to learn to ask for feedback. When a person asks for feedback, he or she is much less anxious about receiving it, and the giver feels less anxious too. If employees are encouraged and trained to ask for feedback regularly, they will get it when they need it, and they will … [ Read more ]

David Rock, Beth Jones

At its core, there are two basic problems with performance management. First, labeling people with any form of numerical rating or ranking automatically generates an overwhelming “fight or flight” response that impairs good judgment. It primes people for rapid reaction and aggressive movement. This naturally leads to highly charged, emotionally challenging conversations. Moreover, at least half of all employees will receive a B or C … [ Read more ]

Kill Your Performance Ratings

Neuroscience shows why numbers-based HR management is obsolete.