How Business Schools Create Irresponsible Leaders

Most business schools have spent the past decade making their programs global in scope, which tends to mean sending students to foreign lands for immersion programs. The model they’re using, however, creates leaders that are dangerously out of touch with the context in which they’re running businesses.

Whether to bet, reserve options or insure: Making certain choices in an uncertain world

Uncertainty is a business perennial, and making decisions in uncertain times is a staple on the manager’s agenda; it comes with the territory. But decision-making can be made easier, particularly when a manger has a framework to analyze the uncertainty and determine how he or she should go forward. This author describes a dynamic, highly useful framework managers can use.

The Slow Pace of Fast Change: Bringing Innovations to Market in a Connected World

Innovation’s encounter with the market results in a game of both high risk and high stakes. Often its outcome defies common sense: Superior new products flop, unlikely ideas become runaway hits, and-despite rapid technological advances and intense interconnectedness-change happens at a snail’s pace. What really happens during this encounter? How can you increase your own odds on this complex game board?

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