Master Negotiators – The Seven Strategies

The most successful negotiators, those whose track record enables them to be called Master Negotiators, have seven specific strategies. They are:
* Build the future with creative solutions.
* Come to the table incredibly well-prepared.
* Create and claim maximum value.
* Understand negotiating style.
* Master the negotiation process.
* Build strategic alliances.
* Become a life-long learner.
* Build the future with creative … [ Read more ]

Competencies of senior managers

A study by George O. Klemp, Jr. and David C. McClelland, “What Characterizes Intelligent Functioning Among Senior Managers?” examined the attributes that distinguished successful senior managers from their average counterparts, through a method called job competence assessment. The results of the study indicated that there were eight competencies which differentiated between top senior managers and their average counterparts.