Being Digital: Fast-Forward to the Right Digital Strategy

Digital disrupts business strategy. Finding the right competitive response is complex. Executives must act fast across multiple layers of the business.

There is no one path to becoming a digital leader. Intelligent experimentation— a marathon in sprints—means business leaders need a fundamentally different approach to how strategies are developed and executed.

Being Digital: Seven Essential “No-Regret” Capabilities

This report offers pragmatic advice on how incumbent organizations can identify, develop and excel with digital— and suggests seven critical “no-regret” capabilities to be digital now. As the term implies, these capabilities can help organizations develop and improve today, irrespective of their digital strategy or industry, to realize benefits for the longer term.

Can Business Do Well By Doing Good?

Yes, but not until basic sustainability practices are fully integrated into the way business is done, both strategically and operationally.

Bruno Berthon, David J. Abood, Peter Lacy

The hope of many CEOs is that we are moving toward an era in which businesses will no longer focus purely on near-term profit and loss as the primary means of valuation, but rather also take into account the positive and negative effects on society and the environment. This would entail a significant shift on the part of business that would in turn involve meeting … [ Read more ]

Compatible Aims: Sustainability and High Performance

No company today can avoid the issue of sustainability. How to approach this challenge remains an open question, however, as it can seem to be much more about what not to do than about out-performing the competition. In reality, leading companies are already turning sustainability to their advantage by applying the three building blocks of high performance.

In this report, we explain how sustainability has become … [ Read more ]