The Five Rs of Search Engine Marketing

In a video interview with Web Marketing Today, Bryan Eisenberg offers a 7-minute primer on what he terms the Five Rs of search engine marketing. Here’s a quick overview of Eisenberg’s thoughts on each R

Anatomy of a Landing Page: Design Elements Exposed

Landing pages have become an important part of the marketer’s toolbox. To create effective landing pages, you should understand the anatomy of a landing page and it should be part of your landing page and optimization framework. After optimizing thousands of landing pages over the years, Bryan Eisenberg wants to offer this framework for understanding the 10 key elements of a landing page.

Not all of … [ Read more ]

Planning a Link Bait Strategy

Six steps to getting Web site visitors to take your link bait and how to hold on to them.

The Missing Google Analytics Manual

Get the most out of your Google Analytics with this collection of links to implement, configure and get insights from Google Analytics.

14 Tools to Legally Spy On Your Competition

Have you ever wished you were Bond? James Bond? Here are 007+007 = fourteen ways to spy on your competitors’ web sites, without breaking any FISA laws.

Conversion Rate Optimization, Upside Down

Way too many conversion rate optimization projects are coming up empty. Companies feel they work too hard for too little return. Most conversion rate optimizations efforts are focused on pages and elements but don’t focus on the entire persuasion scenario. Perhaps and understanding of The Hierarchy of Optimization can help.

How A Pretty Face Can Push Visitors Away

It’s no surprise that marketers use faces to draw people into their websites. They know that, from birth, humans are naturally attracted to, and engaged by, faces. But be careful. Simply picking a “pretty” picture isn’t enough. Generally, it’s best when the model faces the content you want visitors to engage with first.

What Makes People Buy

“Roy Williams qualified shoppers as operating in either one of two modes: transactional or relational, a few years ago. At that time some of us loafed around virtually, exchanging emails with friends, trying to complete a list of reasons that motivate people to buy things. (Thank you, Tom G. & Brett F.) More recently, we returned to compiling the list with the rest of my … [ Read more ]

Revenge of the Pixels: The Battle for Screen Real Estate

Designing web pages is challenging. Unlike almost any other media, a web design’s integrity is compromised by the nature of a fluid medium. In other words, just because you want something to look a certain way doesn’t guarantee it will – differing browsers, resolutions, screen sizes, monitor calibrations and operating systems all distort the experience.

One of the more contentious issues in web design presents … [ Read more ]

The 5 W’s of Purchase Behavior

“In expanding the question about relational-transactional purchasing by asking the question of WHAT makes people buy, a fellow deep thinker from the Wizard Academy shared that we should also add in the essential “reporter” questions…”

The Marketer’s Common Sense Guide to E-metrics

Buried in your server logs are the keys to unlock the potential of your business. This data needs to be turned into action-oriented information co-workers can use to improve the business. When you standardize and implement these powerful analytic tools that include the most important, easy-to-understand metrics, you ensure everybody has the tools they need to succeed.Take control of your web site by tracking metrics … [ Read more ]

How to Choose a Web Analytics Solution

Clarifying the issues involved in managing and measuring Web analytics is critical to e-business success. My goal isn’t to recommend one product or another. I want to arm you with the right questions so you can make up your own minds.

The four basic factors we use to evaluate the best provider follow, with a little added detail. They’ll help you determine which is the solution … [ Read more ]

Persuasive Online Copywriting

Writing for the web. Web word wizardry. Web writing that works. What does that mean? Your online copy must persuade – it’s integral to getting your visitors or readers to register, subscribe, qualify as leads, and yes, even buy from you. It’s writing that must earn its keep. And to effectively manage the quality of your online writing, you need to understand what works, why … [ Read more ]