Carl Spetzler, Hannah Winter, Jennifer Meyer

Conventional thinking […] confuses a good decision with a good outcome. Most will say, “We cannot know how good a decision is until we’ve seen the results.” That makes no sense in a world of uncertainty and unforeseeable events that decision makers cannot control. A good decision, for example, might be undermined by poor implementation. Or events on the far side of the world may … [ Read more ]

Closing the Decision Quality Gap

One of the virtues of Decision Quality (DQ) is that it allows us to know if we’ve made a good decision at the time we are making it. If we’ve correctly followed the process, we can confidently state that ‘We made the best possible choice given our alternatives, the available information, future uncertainties, and the things we can control.’ That’s contrary to conventional thinking, which … [ Read more ]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Strategy

In the world of strategy, what tempts corporations off the path of true value? The strategists at Strategic Decisions Group, with hundreds of collective years of corporate and consulting experience, have identified the most common and deadly sins of strategy. This executive summary discusses why people and organizations commit these sins, and what steps can be taken to sin less frequently and become “more virtuous.” … [ Read more ]