Carmine Gallo: Three Secrets All Inspiring Messages Share

Carmine Gallo shares the three simple secrets all inspiring messages share, and how inspiring executives and entrepreneurs tell their brand or product story in a way that’s understandable, memorable and emotional.

How to Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds

A message map is the visual display of your idea on one page. It is a powerful and tool that should be a part of your communication arsenal. Building a message map can help you pitch anything (a product, service, company, or idea) in as little as 15 seconds. Here is the three-step process to using a message map to build a winning pitch.

Storytelling Tips from Salesforce’s Marc Benioff

The co-founder and CEO of the $1 billion company offers advice on how to shape and articulate your vision for your own brand.

Podcast: The Secrets of Neuromarketing

What makes customers buy? Marketing guru Martin Lindstrom explains the power of subliminal advertising and why most advertisements are not effective.

10 Simple Secrets Of The World’s Greatest Business Communicators

From business to politics, those who command attention are masters at developing and delivering their message. Never before have so many CEO’s, executives and experts shared the secrets behind their dazzling presentation skills. You’ll hear directly from Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz; Intuit founder Scott Cook; personal finance guru Suze Orman; founder Jeff Taylor; Corcoran Group founder Barbara Corcoran; as well as many others. You’ll … [ Read more ]