Social Capitalists

You are about to meet 20 organizations that are in the business of changing expectations. They reshape reality – so that poor kids can attend college, so that people in the destitute corners of the world can get better health care, so that victims of human-rights abuses can be heard. Most of us see the world’s most daunting problems as impossible challenges. But these groups … [ Read more ]

Fast Start – Your First 60 Days

Congratulations, you’ve got the job! But you can forget about a honeymoon. If you’re lucky, you’ve got 60 days to prove you can fit in and perform.

Can This Off-Site Be Saved?

Skip the PowerPoint. Forget the whiteboards and butcher paper. If you want to organize an off-site that is energetic and memorable — an event that actually makes a difference — then follow our seven-point guide.

Natural Leader

Rayona Sharpnack is a teacher and a mentor to some of the most powerful women in some of the most important companies around. Her message: Don’t worry so much about what you need to know. Instead, figure out who you need to be.

Are You Marked for Greatness?

Internet Capital Group has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in companies that are looking to make their mark in e-commerce. John Hamm evaluates and advises the entrepreneurs who run those companies. Here are the character traits that he looks for. Do you have what it takes?

He Knows How to Be Diligent About Due Diligence

Whether you’re sizing up an investment or a new hire, it’s not enough to study the financials and the references. As due-diligence expert Barry Rhein will tell you, you’ve got to read between the lines.

Field Guide for Change

You’ve come up with a radical plan that will transform the way your company does business. The next step: execute. But how? By reading, ripping, and leveraging Fast Company’s startup manual for leading change.

The Agenda – Social Justice

The Freeplay Group, based in Cape Town, South Africa, builds products that capture the imagination of the world — and that change the world.