Beyond the Big Idea: Performance Predictors in Entrepreneurial Firms

When we look at entrepreneurial companies we often focus on the obvious: what they do or sell. “What a great idea”, we say about the people who thought up eBay, “Why didn’t I think of that”?, we lament, while watching scooters fly off the shelves. But coming up with a bright idea is just part of the picture, say Professors Christoph Zott and … [ Read more ]

Webraska: Evolving with the Wireless Market

Webraska is a young, high-tech wireless company, which is left drifting in the wake of the troubled telecom industry in early 2001. It faces important strategy choices and must decide whether and how to adapt its business and revenue models in an uncertain market. Iwona Bancerek, Beatrix Biren and Professor Christoph Zott guide you through one of the first-ever cases written on wireless business in … [ Read more ]