The New Science of Change

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get people to alter the way they do things. New research reveals why it’s so hard and suggests strategies to make it easier.

What Can Go Wrong for $100 Million

Too many Air Garnetts. Too few Air Jordans. Nike lost money, time and a measure of pride when its demand-planning software led it astray. How did it recover? Patience, perseverance and, most important, an understanding of what it was trying to accomplish in the first place.

Strategy in Action

Strategy is all about creating value for your shareholders. A strategy map is your guide to getting there. A Q&A with Robert Kaplan And David Norton.

It’s Time To Take Control

Fed up with the failure of consultant-led enterprise software projects, CIOs are demanding more (and less) from the big consultancies or doing without them altogether.

How Co-Dependent are You?

If the working interactions between your company and your partners is co-dependent, welcome to the crowd.

Editor’s Note: An interesting real-life example to illustrate the larger issues.