The Acceleration Factor

During the past six years, we have studied the behavior and performance of more than 3,000 teams across a range of organizations, functions, and geographies. Our data includes responses from the four groups associated with teams: the team leader, the team’s members, the line manager of the leader, and the team’s external stakeholders. Specifically, we surveyed them on 16 factors that together helped us determine … [ Read more ]

Three Attributes to Diagnose Organizational Health (Performance Isn’t One of Them)

Many factors help determine the health of a company and performance is only one of them. Just because your company is performing well doesn’t mean that there aren’t unhealthy symptoms elsewhere. Learn to diagnose your company and implement the right strategy for its health and success.

Teamwork at the Top

Increasingly, the top team is essential to the success of the enterprise. Research shows that merely bringing in a new chief executive officer to reshape an organization has mixed results. In reality, long-term success depends on the whole leadership team, for it has a broader and deeper reach into the organization than the CEO does and its performance has a multiplier effect-a poorly performing team … [ Read more ]

The Psychology of Change Management

Companies can transform the attitudes and behavior of their employees by applying psychological breakthroughs that explain why people think and act as they do.