Do You Have a Long-Term Pricing Strategy?

Actively pricing products across their life cycle is increasingly important, particularly in innovation-intensive industries. Failing to do so may forego potential profits or even destroy value.

The power of pricing

Transaction pricing is the key to surviving the current downturn-and to flourishing when conditions improve.

Companies Must Learn to Achieve the Price Advantage (or Pay the Price)

Pricing, the intersection at which untold numbers of buyers and sellers meet every day, lies at the core of any business. Yet it remains misunderstood and poorly managed, according to The Price Advantage, a new book by three consultants at McKinsey & Co. Even executives at successful companies may not fully appreciate how small changes in price can lead to large changes in profitability. Wharton … [ Read more ]

Pricing New Products

Companies habitually charge less than they could for new offerings. It’s a terrible habit.

The Price Advantage

The Price Advantage, written by three preeminent experts at McKinsey & Company, is the most pragmatic and insightful book on pricing available. Based on in-depth, firsthand experience with hundreds of companies, as well as significant investments in basic pricing research, this book is designed to be a comprehensive guide for managers through the maze of pricing issues. The authors examine state-of-the-art approaches for analyzing and … [ Read more ]

Getting prices right on the Web

Two widely disparate approaches to pricing have dominated the sale of goods and services on the Internet.

Editor’s Note: although written in 2001 (a lifetime ago in the “Internet age”), much of the suggestions are of long-lasting value…