Making Cross-Enterprise Collaboration Work

To drive a new era of growth, companies will increasingly be required to collaborate with enterprises outside their corporate boundaries. Doing so successfully requires coordinated attention to a range of human capital strategy issues covering talent, leadership, culture and organization.

Talent Management and High Performance: Driving Business Value from HR and HR Outsourcing

Everyone’s talking about “talent management” today as a way to boost the performance of the human resources (HR) organization. But what are the elements of a talent management strategy, leveraging advanced HR outsourcing solutions, that can actually drive high performance for an entire company?

This article offers an innovative and practical approach to talent management—planning and executing an integrated set of management processes that generate greater … [ Read more ]

David Smith and Craig Mindrum

Knowledge management is not just about making information, news or content readily available—even content indexed by performance need; this form of knowledge sharing and content management is too passive. What a flat organization needs is actionable knowledge, and the best kind of such knowledge will likely come from another part of a company: “I know what you’re trying to do; here’s what we did, and … [ Read more ]

Learning and Innovation in a Flat World

The world is flat (at least the economic one). The networked world is also a “flat” world, one where work can come from anywhere and be performed anywhere. Corporate learning departments have a huge role to play in addressing the challenges of a flat world and in helping to support innovation.

The Subtle Power of Virtual Collaboration

By using a whole battery of new technologies, companies have found ways for their people to work together on essential tasks while essentially staying put. Sure, the savings can be dramatic. But before you abandon direct interpersonal interaction altogether, you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions.

Changing the Way You Look at Risk

Most corporate risk managers are more concerned about potential catastrophes and financial risk than about operational risks like fraud and mismanagement. As recent events have shown, such inattention can be fatal. Is it time to change your company’s risk management culture?