Good Ways to Deliver Bad News

Dr. Robert Buckman is a cancer specialist who teaches doctors — as well as executives at IBM, Andersen Consulting, and Upjohn — how to break bad news: “You can’t let emotions interfere with your message.”

Do You Realize Your Potential?

Article looks at Potentia International’s unique “profiling” system, designed to help people answer major career questions: What type of work will allow me to make the greatest contribution? Which career path fits best with my values and aspirations? How can I grow as a person by developing my latent abilities? What kind of work will give me the most pleasure, unleash the most energy, and … [ Read more ]


Article highlights author-activist Naomi Klein, and her ideas on how branding is invading public-space (e.g. schools, community, etc.). According to Klein, “The companies that have most aggressively stalked people as consumers are the same ones that, as employers, have abandoned them…The branding economy has been built on the back of Third World labor.” According to Klein, she is “interested in the way that utopian … [ Read more ]