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Large corporations are outsourcing a wider variety of components and services, relying on smaller supplier firms. Large corporations are also placing greater decision-making responsibility on individual units within the firm, flattening the traditional hierarchical pyramid. The academic literature has begun to address these transformations. In the 21st century, we expect to see an increase in the importance of this subject, with more attention … [ Read more ]

David Conklin and Larry Tapp

Many organizational structures in the 21st century will rest on cooperation as well as competition. A set of corporations will work together to expand the value that is added by their group. In particular, this set of corporations will strive continually to create unique goods and services so that potential substitutes are further removed from the final customer’s purchasing decision. While the … [ Read more ]

Analyzing and Managing Country Risks

Evaluating country risks is a crucial exercise when deciding where to set up operations in a foreign country. While some risks can be managed with insurance or hedging strategies, others can be measured with a risk-analysis. Though uncertainty will remain in either case, it can be transformed into planned uncertainty, with no surprises in store and contingency plans in place. The author discusses the analytical … [ Read more ]