How Digital Marketing Operations Can Transform Business

Struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving consumer behavior? Digital marketing operations can bridge the divide between what customers expect and what they get.

Mastering Digital Marketing

The era of the traditional marketing campaign is ending. In this interview, McKinsey’s David Edelman explains what companies get wrong when it comes to digital marketing and the changes needed to better engage consumers.

Beyond Paid Media: Marketing’s New Vocabulary

Changes to the way consumers perceive and absorb marketing messages will force marketers to change not only their thinking but also the way they allocate spending and organize operations.

Patterns of Deconstruction: Layer Mastery

As deconstruction spreads, integrated value chains break apart into stand-alone businesses, or layers. Some of these layers have the potential to become the “sweet spots” of the deconstructed value chain�the places where the most value is concentrated and where the highest profits and returns can be found.

Editor’s Note: although this article was written in early 1999 and cites Enron as an example, it is … [ Read more ]