Personal Power Sources

This article distinguishes 11 Power Sources. The combination of power sources that yield success differs by organisation. It is important to consider what matters most in your own organisation. The 11 power sources are:
* Role
* Network
* Dedication
* Expertise
* Process
* Customers
* Market
* Leadership
* Safe Hands
* Creativity
* Politics

Time as a personality variable?

David West proposes that a key distinction exists between those who seek to control time and those who are willing to respond to it (Monochrons vs. Polychrons).

How and what

In virtually all areas of human endeavour, both ‘how’ and ‘what’ are of concern. The realization that all organizations today are involved in a matrix is perhaps important; no company, organisation or even state can really afford to ignore either of these aspects. The need is always to balance the task compulsions with the task constraints – the ‘what’ and ‘how’.

Types of Customer

This article classifies customers into three categories: The Lordly Ones, The Logical Ones, and The Friendly Ones. If you can read what sort of customer you are faced with, you may be able to respond to them in an appropriate way – which will make them happier and come back to buy more.

Give the Dog a Bone

“Do you have an annual appraisal system? Why? Before expending energy on a process so complicated and potentially controversial, it makes sense to ask what you hope to achieve. Most companies do not know why they have one. They just do.

What is an appraisal for? To provide feedback? To provide a measure of `how you are doing’? To identify prospects for promotion? To decide … [ Read more ]

Performance and Ageing

Does job performance decline as we age? Or can it even improve?

The Nature of Nerds

The world is becoming a more technical place and we will all have to work with technology and technologically brilliant people.