Deborah Gruenfeld, “Acting with Power”

Is it more important to say the right thing or act the right way? Professor Gruenfeld provides compelling research about how we perceive power in our relationships, examining the words we use, non-verbal cues and the ways in which we communicate. She shares how we can most effectively get our message across.

Behavior Lessons for Leadership and Teamwork

Body language is critical to your effectiveness in working with other people, says social psychology researcher Deborah Gruenfeld.

For Women Leaders, Body Language Matters

Deborah Gruenfeld of the Stanford Graduate School of Business had some sobering news to share with a group of high-level women executives and entrepreneurs. “When it comes to leadership,” Gruenfeld told the group, “there are very few differences in what men and women actually do and how they behave. But there are major differences in perception. Men and women doing the same things … [ Read more ]

Better Decisions Through Teamwork

The U.S. Supreme Court benefits from differences of opinions among the justices. Research that included studying how teams make decisions says when a narrow majority exists, pressure of the minority forces the majority to think with more complexity and to consider diverse evidence, says Stanford Business School Professor Deborah Gruenfeld.

The Thought of Acquiring Power Motivates People to Act

A study from the Stanford Graduate School of Business about what motivates people to take action finds that the prime mover, say researchers, is acquiring a position of power. Specifically, it is people’s new, more elevated perception of themselves after assuming a position with more power that inspires them to take more risks and pursue goals more confidently. Taking on a formal position of power—be … [ Read more ]