Dharmesh Shah

You can’t add simplicity in. You must take complexity out.

Dharmesh Shah

For folks looking to get started [creating a culture code] [begin] with this prompt: Who are the kinds of people that we think we want to work with? These can’t be platitudes that everyone would say yes to. Like, we want to hire smart people. Intelligence can’t be a core cultural value because no one would say they want to hire stupid people. You have … [ Read more ]

The HubSpot Culture Code

This is a slide deck created by HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah to sketch out the company’s culture. For background information, read the related First Round Review article.

4 Quick Tips on Raising Startup Funding Without A Plan Or A PowerPoint

“Before we get too deep into this, let me clarify two things. When I say without a “plan,” I mean without a formally written business plan – not that you should be clueless about what you want to do. And, when I say startup funding, I’m talking more about early stage seed funding via angels.”