Today’s Trojan Horse

At least as far back as Agamemnon and Achilles on the beaches of Troy, relationships have had the power to create or to destroy enormous amounts of capital—human, social, intellectual, and economic. Yet few among us can say anything even remotely systematic about how relationships work, develop, or change. […] If relationships can have such a decisive impact on the success, even survival, of leaders … [ Read more ]

Diana McLain Smith

Much quantitative data—what we now think of as hard, concrete facts—are really quite soft and abstract.

Think about it. We come up with a question—say, how’s morale? We create abstract categories related to that question, categories like trust, confidence, or autonomy; we use these categories to formulate statements in some kind of survey; we give the survey to lots of people; we ask them to … [ Read more ]

Diana McLain Smith

If there’s anything we’re wired to do, it’s learn. That means even folks arguably difficult by nature can become less so—at least most of them. It also means we shouldn’t assume, as we almost always do, that someone’s incapable of change just because our efforts to make them change fail. The biggest reason people don’t realize their full potential for change is that we focus … [ Read more ]