Best Business Books 2007: Capitalism

strategy+business reviews the best books on capitalism from 2007

Diane Coyle

In the face of externalities of any kind, markets do not produce the most desirable outcomes. This is true in the case of the public good, which is why we have such a lively debate about the proper role of government in capitalist societies. It is also true of environmental externalities. The limitations of markets are clear, and although almost all economists are in favor … [ Read more ]

Eurosclerosis Revisited

The productivity boom benefits the U.S. more than Europe. Five reports explore why.

Sex, Drugs & Economics: An Unconventional Introduction to Economics

Coyle, an economist, author, and journalist, sets out to explain economics as a method for thinking about any subject–marriage, sports, and even sex. She provides a checklist of rules to remember in order to think like an economist: for example, everything has a cost, things always change, supply and demand work, there is no easy profit, prices make the best incentives, people do what they … [ Read more ]