Pay Dirt

As the SEC shines a light on executive compensation, will companies clean up their acts or find new ways to hide excess?

Lowering the Bar

How market beta can make hurdle rates look artificially low.

Try Before You Buy

Companies are using alliances to take the risk out of acquisitions.

Buyer Beware

More companies than ever have experience with outsourcing. So why are deals still failing?

Spreadsheet Hell

CFOs are interested in the many new technologies being pitched to them, but are they really trapped in spreadsheet hell?

Offshoring by the Numbers

Results of CFO Magazine’s survey of 275 finance executives at a broad range of companies.

Online pricing: Finding what works on the web

The goal of this paper is to explain some of the changes under way in online pricing and consider the implications for companies selling over the Internet. It will examine three areas:
– Pricing in multiple channels
– Global pricing
– Dynamic pricing

The e-business czar: What does it take to manage an e-business transformation?

Who should companies put in charge of their e-business operations? The answer, according to this special report by the EIU ebusiness forum, depends on where e-business sits in the corporate structure. Diplomacy is key if the company is attempting to integrate e-business into all operations; autocracy is feasible if the organisation has created a separate unit for e-business. Whatever the powers of the position, however, … [ Read more ]