Clayton Christensen Responds to New Yorker Takedown of ‘Disruptive Innovation’

When the New Yorker this week published Harvard historian Jill Lepore’s sharply written dismissal of “disruptive innovation,” it was an attack on one of the most widely cited and celebrated ideas in modern business. Christensen hasn’t responded in writing to the essay, but when I reached him by phone on Thursday afternoon, it was clear he’d been thinking about it. Consistently described by those who … [ Read more ]

The Dunbar Number, From the Guru of Social Networks

Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar, working with the anthropologist Russell Hill, pieced together the average English household’s Christmas card network. The researchers were able to report, for example, that about a quarter of cards went to relatives, nearly two-thirds to friends, and 8 percent to colleagues. The primary finding of the study, however, was a single number: the total population of the households each set of … [ Read more ]

Luck Inc.

The 7 secrets of really, really lucky companies.