The Overconfidence Trap

With respect to the imprecision in defining M&A best practices, we want to highlight the extent to which maxims about effective deal management can be misconstrued or twisted in ways that miss important points. Truisms espoused by academics and advisors, or shared among executives, can be less complete than they seem on the surface. When the margin for error is narrow, that can lead to … [ Read more ]

Globalization At Risk: Why Your Corporate Strategy Should Allow for a Divided and Disorderly World

The failure of the Cancun trade talks is not the only sign that globalization could be running out of steam. This new report by Deloitte Research identifies 10 forces that could reverse the trend toward global economic and political unity. This report points to warnings about globalization’s future by experts on trade, politics and military affairs. Until recently, naysayers about globalization have been in the … [ Read more ]