Cadbury Schweppes (A): The Strategic Dilemma of Trebor Bassett; Cadbury Schweppes (B): Managing for Value; Cadbury Schweppes

Value Based Management is often thought of from strictly a financial perspective. In this Case Study series about a VBM initiative at Cadbury Schweppes, the authors show that managing for value is 80% about people and only 20% about numbers.

The series traces the origins of the initiative starting in 1996 and follows its progression through to 2002, showing the benefits, limitations, time frames, and … [ Read more ]

Managing for Value: It’s Not Just About the Numbers

Value-based management (VBM) – it sounds straightforward, but VBM works only if you understand that it’s more about cultural change than financial change. However, many companies expect too much from VBM too soon, and they give up on it too early. Professors Philippe Haspeslagh, Tomo Noda and Fares Boulos highlight the approaches to successful VBM implementation.

How To Put Value in VBM

What to do when your share price flounders? The tool of choice for many companies is a value-based management (VBM) program tying an economic profit metric to compensation. The problem: Results have been mediocre.