Finding New Growth: The Case for Innovation by Enlargement

All companies are hunting for the “next big thing” – a major growth opportunity and platform to safeguard future revenues and profits. But simply analyzing megatrends is like a ritual rain dance: much hoopla with a most uncertain outcome. In this article the authors show how companies can embed the hunting capability in their organization and drastically increase the odds of hitting it big.

Innovation: Measuring It to Manage It

Many executives struggle to manage innovation as they would other business processes. Most exasperating is the lack of a practical way of measuring innovation effectiveness and efficiency. In this article the authors provide a success formula to design and deploy meaningful key indicators to drive innovation and business performance now and in the future.

How Top Innovators Get Innovation Right: Results from Arthur D. Little’s Third Innovation Excellence Survey

Improving innovation ability is today the most important lever for increasing profitability and growth. But success is mixed. In just about all industry sectors the 25 percent most innovative companies have 2.5 times as many new products and get 10 times better returns on their innovation investment than the least innovative ones. In 2004 Arthur D. Little conducted its third Global Innovation Excellence Survey on … [ Read more ]