How to Implement a Content Style Guide

What’s a style guide? And why do you need one?

A style guide helps you to quickly and cost-effectively publish content that is of a consistent quality. It is particularly important when lots of editors and authors involved are in the publishing process. In fact, it’s critical.

10 Rules of Writing for the Web

You can’t read this enough: writing for the Web is not the same as writing for print.

People read differently on the Web. They scan read-jumping quickly from one piece of content to the next. People are much more action-orientated on the Web. They get online to get something done. Words should always be driving actions.

Here are 10 rules for writing effective web content. … [ Read more ]

Building Successful Brands on the Web

“To promote a brand is to promote mood, color, and feeling. This must occur quickly and repeatedly. The short TV-spot format framed a whole way of promoting a brand. Many marketers and advertisers think in short, intense bursts. It’s about that wonderful catch phrase, that compelling image.

Successful Web brands must take a very different approach, as Google (and before it, Yahoo!) illustrates. A Web brand … [ Read more ]