Why Ask Why?

Innovation often begins with a question. In fact, disruptive innovators ask more questions than non-innovators—and their questions tend to be more provocative. That’s what we found in a recent eight-year research project. Our study unveiled five innovation skills (associational thinking, observing, idea networking, experimenting and questioning) that anyone, including CEOs, can use to discover disruptive new business models, products, services and processes. Of these five … [ Read more ]

Schon Beechler, Hal Gregersen

Hal Gregersen has discovered one consistent characteristic across the companies he’s studied in The World’s Most Innovative Companies; the ability of these leaders to ask lots of deep, provocative questions to which they don’t have the answers. In essence, they’re inquisitive learners.

The Innovator’s DNA

A major new study involving some 3,500 executives has highlighted the key skills that innovative and creative entrepreneurs need to develop. The six-year-long research into disruptive innovation by INSEAD professor Hal Gregersen, Jeffrey Dyer of Brigham Young University and Clayton Christensen of Harvard, outlines five ‘discovery’ skills you need. But, says Gregersen, you don’t have to be ‘great in everything.’