The Secret of Innovation

Innovation, both at the project and portfolio level, can be managed better by drawing cash curves of cumulative cash flow. These pictures will cause managers to question their assumptions about various kinds of risks (market, financial, technical, etc.) and consider alternative development models.

Innovating for Cash

This perspective presents a compelling argument that, when determining the profitability unleashed by an innovation, the process or model of the innovation is every bit as important to consider as the innovation itself. The perspective highlights the need for companies to analyze in a systematic way the potential of all new products to generate cash. The authors review three general models for innovation and make … [ Read more ]

Globalizing R&D: Building a Pathway to Profits

Global R&D is making headlines but companies’ experiences to date are mixed at best. This article examines why many companies that are already moving are achieving only lukewarm results.

Transformation: How to Load the Dice in Your Favor

Whether for strategic, financial, or technological reasons, companies today are increasingly finding that they must completely transform critical elements of their businesses. As a result, the ability to manage such efforts quickly, effectively, and confidently has become an important source of competitive advantage and shareholder value. The problem, however,is that transformation, by its very nature, severely stretches organizations-often pushing skills, resources, and comfort levels to … [ Read more ]