Bringing Business Models Down to Earth

The term “new business model” has an enticing ring to it, as it refers to a new and supposedly better way of making money. Ryanair, McDonald’s, IKEA and Amazon are examples that come to mind immediately. Admirable as these may be, they are also so extraordinary that they provide little guidance to executives on how to establish new ways of making money within their own … [ Read more ]

Smart Growth: A Road Map for Executives

With the global economy on the mend, companies are once again looking for growth. But this time, instead of growth at all costs, they want smart growth – the only way to really improve the bottom line. We lay out the 10 questions a company must answer to find out if it’s heading in the right direction.

How Product Companies Are Competing Through Services

Leading manufacturers of capital goods are blurring the increasingly artificial distinction between “industrial” and “service” industries. These manufacturers are turning themselves into service providers, as service provision is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of their customer management strategy.

Today, no product company can afford to ignore the potential benefits – and risks – of making the transition from manufacturing to manufacturing-plus-service-provision. However, to make this transition … [ Read more ]

Back to Basics (.pdf)

Arthur D. Little studied six companies with excellent performance “that are – at least to the outsider – in unglamorous business sectors, relatively unknown to the consumer, and downstream in the food chain of huge and highly competitive industries such as automotive, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals.” The companies are global leaders in their sectors, with annual sales between $1 and 4 billion. They are from … [ Read more ]