Hermann Simon

In business management, it is easy to fall victim to the buzzwords or trends of the day when historical understanding and consciousness are lacking. When that happens, authors and thinkers purport to create something new, when they are really only serving old wine in new wineskins. This recalls the comments of the philosopher George Santayana that history will repeat itself for those who do not … [ Read more ]

Hermann Simon

As [Peter Drucker] saw it, the winners of the IT revolution are not the hardware or software developers of today, but rather the companies which have access to knowledge and content.

Hermann Simon

History does not repeat itself, nor does it follow given laws, as Karl Marx or Oswald Spengler have suggested. Nevertheless, it can be said that the human being has changed very little during the known course of history. We gain, therefore, valuable insight when we interpret current developments and the future in light of historical analogies.

Power Pricing

Basic texts on marketing often refer to the “four P’s” of the marketing mix: product, place, promotion, and price. In popular marketing literature, the importance of setting the “right” price is usually acknowledged, but little advice is given on how to determine that price. Harvard business professor Dolan is author of Managing the New Product Development Process (1993), and Simon is the German business consultant … [ Read more ]

Peter Drucker

The celebrated management thinker turned 93 in November 2002. This personal homage traces the source of his genius to a Europe that has long since disappeared.

The challenge of investor marketing

A growing headache for many executives is how to achieve a fair market valuation for their company. Success in courting shareholders requires the same professionalism as in other parts of the business.

Seven Lessons to Help Shape E-Commerce Strategy

The internet hype has seen many herald the future of business-to-business e-commerce as the cure-all to CEOs’ prayers; massive cost savings,shorter sales channels and increased efficiencies to name a few. The reality is that these benefits are more likely to be achieved by improved processes within the organisation than by anything else. The facts point to the true direction of the internet as a medium … [ Read more ]

The Enigma of the Hidden Champions

If you’re looking for companies with the greatest global market share, throw away the usual top ten lists. The real superperformers are what Hermann Simon calls “Hidden Champions”, firms that relish their anonymity and approach success in unconventional ways. In this article, he summarizes highly contrarian findings in nine points: 1. Authoritarian-Participative Leadership 2. Overambitious Goals 3. Reliance on Own Strength 4. More Work Than … [ Read more ]

Hidden Champions: Lessons from 500 of the World’s Best Unknown Companies

German business consultant Simon suggests that there is much to learn from studying the practices of lesser-known companies that have quietly succeeded in unique or specialized market niches. Because Simon is based in Bonn, most–but not all–of his examples are German. They all are, however, relatively unknown, small or midsize, and worldwide leaders in their markets, making mundane products, such as bottle-labeling machines, model railways, … [ Read more ]

Pricing – Where is It Heading?

Article argues that pricing has traditionally played a tactical rather than a strategic role. Most companies based their prices on cost-plus considerations or competitive comparisons, not concrete strategic goals. But the role of pricing is rapidly changing. To take advantage of these changes, CEOs and managers should consider the following five steps:
1 Link pricing more closely to shareholder value
2. Give pricing … [ Read more ]