How to Master the Seven-Step Problem-Solving Process

Structured problem solving can be used to address almost any complex challenge in business or public policy.

Competing in a Digital World: Four Lessons from the Software Industry

Software is becoming critical for almost every company’s performance. Executives should ask what they can learn from business models employed by software providers themselves—and consider the implications for their IT function.

How ‘Social Intelligence’ Can Guide Decisions

By offering decision makers rich real-time data, social media is giving some companies fresh strategic insight.

Hugo Sarrazin and Johnson Sikes

Success in the software industry has long been influenced, and often driven, by the ecosystem of developers, plug-ins, software-development kits and application-programming interfaces (APIs), and add-ons that drive added value and increase stickiness for products. Similarly, companies in other industries need to think expansively and include upstream suppliers as well as downstream vendors or consumers, and focus on how each part of the value chain … [ Read more ]

Reshaping IT Management for Turbulent Times

A new model for managing IT combines factory-style productivity to keep costs down with a more nimble, innovation-focused approach to adapt to rapid change.

A Future for E-Alliances

Are e-alliances a fad of the past? Speed and scale remain important in the post-New-Economy world, and alliances are often a faster and less capital-intensive way of gaining access to products, customers, and business capabilities than building them from scratch. But the stakes are now much higher, and the market is less forgiving. How can you raise the odds an alliance will succeed? To answer … [ Read more ]