How to Determine Which Part of What You Know Really Matters

In the corporate world, businesses are regularly graded on the value of their assets: They report to their shareholders about the physical assets they own, their cash in hand, and revenues and profits, both past and expected. But when it comes to measuring their knowledge assets — the value of those can be harder to gauge. However, the entrepreneurial management of knowledge assets can be … [ Read more ]

MarketBusters: 40 Strategic Moves That Drive Exceptional Business Growth

McGrath and MacMillan, graduate business school academics, offer assistance to executives for improving growth and profitability, especially those seeking skills such as improving their decision-making ability, working with the reality that failure is linked to intelligent risk, and making sense of ambiguous information. To achieve growth and profitability, the authors suggest using market busters, actions they define as those a company can take to change … [ Read more ]