The Next Step in Open Innovation

The creation of knowledge, products, and services by online communities of companies and consumers is still in its earliest stages. Who knows where it will lead?

Using Mobile Phones to Boost TV Ratings

To realize the benefits of interactive technology, broadcasters and mobile carriers must work on their own interaction.

Giving Europeans an On-Line Push

Why are so many on-line banking ventures-start-ups and incumbents alike-foundering? Despite the presence of more than 2,500 Western European banking sites on the World Wide Web, only eight million people in the region use the channel to either check their accounts or make transactions. We studied 65 leading banks in ten European countries to determine why customers are adopting on-line banking at different rates.
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If home is where the network is, who pays?

Ever since the Internet entered the popular culture, futurists and technophiles have been telling the world that the new medium would transform homes into information-rich hubs of activity.