The Future of Boards

In The Future of Boards: Meeting the Governance Challenges of the Twenty-First Century, Professor Jay Lorsch brings together experts to examine the state of boards today, what lies ahead, and what needs to change.

Rising CEO Pay: What Directors Should Do

Compensation committees are under pressure to keep CEO pay high, even as shareholders and the media agitate for moderation. The solution? Boards of directors need better competitive information and an ear to what shareholders are saying, says Jay Lorsch.

Back to the Drawing Board: Designing Corporate Boards for a Complex World

This timely book argues that boards are being pressed to perform unrealistic duties given their traditional structure, processes, and membership. Carter and Lorsch propose a strategic redesign of boards-making them better attuned to their oversight, decision-making, and advisory roles-to enable directors to successfully meet twenty-first century challenges.

Based on the authors’ deep expertise and longtime experience working with boards around the world, and on a probing … [ Read more ]

Build a life, not a resume

Personal aspirations collide with firm realities; conflicts rage among a person’s competing interests. Outstanding professionals-stars-are inherently ambitious and restless, creating a certain amount of unavoidable turmoil for themselves and their colleagues.

Editor’s Note: I read a lot of so-called “work-life balance” articles and frankly, most of them are useless. I found this one different – very insightful and a good read (though a bit long). … [ Read more ]

Aligning the Stars

Combining perspectives of “a doer and a teacher” with experiences of two dozen professional service firms representing the ups and downs of the Old and New economies, Aligning the Stars offers detailed analysis of such firms today–and specific suggestions for their future success. Jay W. Lorsch, professor of human relations at Harvard Business School, and Thomas J. Tierney, former chief executive of Bain & Company … [ Read more ]

Pawns or Potentates: The Reality of America’s Corporate Boards

Pawns or Potentates provides a masterly overview of the current limited roles of outside directors, along with specific recommendations for increasing their power for the greater benefit of the companies and stakeholders they serve.