Creating People Advantage 2010

This report details which HR practices and methodologies are helping companies to create competitive advantage and which need a different approach to suit the times. This analysis of a broad range of HR topics is based on the second survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of People Management Associations, which generated responses from more than 5,500 executives in 109 countries … [ Read more ]

Jean-Michel Caye and Karin Hinshaw

An internal/external sourcing ratio of between 60/40 and 70/30 is most effective in both attracting and retaining people who value career development opportunities. Attracting different talent profiles, and the cognitive diversity that results, improves a company’s problem-solving and innovating abilities. But building strong talent internally reduces the need to expand expensive and time-consuming recruiting processes and reinforces the company’s value proposition to employees and potential … [ Read more ]

Realizing the Value of People Management

The Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) recently conducted major research to probe the relationship between people management capabilities and financial performance. We surveyed 4,288 HR and non-HR managers on their current HR capabilities and challenges, the strategies and approaches they use to address these challenges, and the difficulties they foresee in attracting, managing, and developing people. Our analysis … [ Read more ]

High-Performance Organizations: The Secrets of Their Success

Organizational and people capabilities drive performance and enable strategy, but most companies do not know how to measure or take steps to improve them. We have identified 14 characteristics common to most high-performance organizations. Organizations that pursue and embody these 14 characteristics outperform their peers and generate a competitive edge.

Special Issues in PMI: Dealing with Carve-Outs, Unions, and Other Challenges

As the economic screws tighten, acquirers are under mounting pressure to realize synergies from their targets as quickly as possible. BCG’s series of Focus Reports on postmerger integration (PMI) has already covered many of the keys to success but there are several special issues that demand careful strategic consideration. The third Focus Report in our series on PMI addresses four of these issues including carve-outs, … [ Read more ]

Powering Up for PMI: Making the Right Strategic Choices

This Focus, which is the first in a series of reports on post-merger integration (PMI), describes the key strategic and tactical issues that need to be considered before a PMI is executed. The subjects discussed range from determining the speed and style of the integration to setting up clean teams, dealing with sensitive people issues – including retaining star performers – and how to formulate … [ Read more ]