Beyond Yahoo: Breaking Down the “Virtual” versus “Campus” Debate

Marissa Mayer’s decision to revoke Yahoo’s telecommuting policy stirred the debate about flexible workplace strategies. Is the move to virtual work inevitable? Both virtual work and campus-based approaches have benefited employers who use them. Hybrid models, which couple elements of campus and virtual models, can offer the best of both.

The Next Agenda: The War to Develop Talent

Talent remains a top concern for business leaders around the world. This concern is not about the availability of workers; it is, rather, about the shortage of critical skills, experiences and specialized capabilities of leaders, managers, creators and producers required in changing industries. As the global consumer and talent markets grow increasingly inter-connected, we are seeing new patterns and priorities emerge in what has for … [ Read more ]

Smarter Moves

What can leaders do to better manage—and improve—the return on their global mobility investment? In our experience, companies that gain the most value from global mobility show a high degree of alignment between global mobility and the larger business in three areas:

1. Business and talent strategies
2. Expected assignment value
3. Mainstream HR and talent operations

Achieving greater alignment in these areas can go a long way toward … [ Read more ]