Redesign? Ask The Right Questions!

FutureNow analyzes and expands on Seth Godin’s list of difficult and important questions you have to answer before you spend a nickel on a site redesign.

Make Your Web Analytics Actionable in 5 DIY Steps

Most organizations don’t know what to make of their Web Analytics, meaning they can’t take action to improve their site based on the information they have. And while the best bet in these situations is simply to hire an expert guide, that may not be an option for you (or maybe you’re just a hard-core DIY-er when it comes to website improvement). If … [ Read more ]

7 Ways to Win Over Reluctant Buyers

“Do I really need that?”

Those are probably the 5 scariest words in website optimization today. More and more visitors are asking themselves that question and then not buying.

They’re applying a considered purchase mindset to much lower price-points than ever before. And most websites’ copywriting is coming up short in the face of this new challenge, since most of it was written to describe … [ Read more ]

7 Deadly Claims

Jeff Sexton at Future Now identifies and challenges seven common marketing claims, explaining why they are ineffective and offering ideas for making them persuasive.
1. Superior Customer Service
2. Easy to Use
3. Most Experienced
4. We’re #1
5. 100% Risk-Free
6. Cutting Edge
7. Best Value

5 Ways to Optimize Your Website Credibility

Jeff Sexton offers five ways to increase your website’s credibility. Even more useful are the links to related articles and screencasts on the same topic.