Jeffrey Rothfeder

At the heart of waigaya is a single concept: Paradoxes and disagreements are the essence of continuous improvement. Most companies are afraid of such dualities, but opposing concepts routinely alter the business equation: centralization versus decentralization, worker empowerment versus productivity, multinational control versus indigenous autonomy, disruptive innovation versus cannibalization of existing product lines, and on and on.

For Honda, Waigaya Is the Way

At the Japanese auto giant, unplanned, agenda-free meetings are ubiquitous and indispensable.

Toys “R” Us Battles Back

The giant toy retailer missed the Wal-Mart incursion and the Web discontinuity. But with its bricks-and-mortar advantages, it can still fight the e-tail war.

Editor’s Note: this was written in 2000 when Toys “R” Us was flubbing it’s online efforts and eToys was king – obviously a lot has happened since then but if you are looking for good background material this is worth a … [ Read more ]

Living with Litigation

The way CEOs handle brushes with litigation will probably determine how successfully they manage their companies.

Caught in the Crosshairs

These plaintiff attorneys are smart, competitive and use tactics every top exec should understand.