Rebuilding Lego, Brick by Brick

How a supply chain transformation helped put the beloved toymaker back together again.

Supply Chain Strategy: Back to Basics

Among the many issues that make supply chain effectiveness challenging are complexity in mass customization, product line proliferation, shorter product life cycles, pressure for faster innovation, stress from quicker technology cycles, tougher, non-negotiable service levels, extended global supply chains, abundant channels and markets, and business cycle variability. With 40 to 70 percent of costs embedded in the typical supply chain, it is critical that companies … [ Read more ]

Smart Customization: Profitable Growth Through Tailored Business Streams

The challenge for companies is not achieving a single point of focus. It is harmonizing multiple points of focus. No company is immune from the new customer mantra: “I want what I want.” In industry after industry, customers are demanding ever-higher levels of customization – products and services tailored to their needs. And they’re confident that, in an economy characterized by greater and greater information … [ Read more ]

Beyond Utopia: The Realist’s Guide to Internet-Enabled Supply Chain Management

The solution to more efficient supply networks lies not with “frictionless” technologies, but with shared objectives and insights across the extended enterprise. Call it “Federated Planning.”

Editor’s Note: this article offers an interesting, “against-the-grain” argument against the “perfect information” proponents of SCM.