B-Schools Vie for Startup Crown

So, you want to start a company. Which business school is best?

M.B.A. Admission Tip: Always Go for an Easy ‘A’

Business-school applicants with a high undergraduate grade-point average—even those who attended schools identified as practicing grade inflation—are more likely to be admitted than those who performed slightly less well amid tougher grading standards.

Starting a Company? Skip B-School

Programs like Starter School give students just enough instruction to get an idea off the ground.

Can Globalization Be Taught in B-School?

As companies seek individuals who can work anywhere in the world, plenty of U.S. business schools claim they’re “going global,” adding weeklong jaunts to China, Korea or Brazil and increasing the share of international students in their classes.

But that’s not enough to train tomorrow’s leaders, argues Pankaj Ghemawat, a professor of global strategy at IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Extra Help for Foreign M.B.A.s

U.S. business schools have spent years courting international students. Now that they’ve arrived—more than a third of M.B.A. students at many top schools hail from overseas—the institutions are struggling to keep up with their diverse demands.

What Business Schools Want

M.B.A. admissions experts discuss application missteps, tips for nontraditional candidates and how to make sure the person writing your letter of recommendation knows enough about you.

B-Schools Join Rush to Capitalize on ‘Innovation’

Academics don’t necessarily agree on what innovation is, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to teach it.

Real Work for Future M.B.A.s

For decades, companies have relied on business-school students to be unpaid consultants, assessing takeover or expansion opportunities. It is low risk and high reward for firms, with almost no financial outlay and a number of fresh new ideas from eager up-and-comers. But now some companies are going a step farther, placing entire brands in the hands of students, with the hope of developing long-lasting partnerships … [ Read more ]

Entrepreneur Contests Take Practical Turn

Some Schools Shake Up Academic Rite of Passage by Requiring Students to Confront Nuts-and-Bolts Demands of a Start-Up

B-Schools Send Rejections to Unlikely Group: Alumni

This admissions season, business school alumni are the ones facing rejection. Graduate schools including University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School are bypassing alumni in admissions interviews to meet directly with M.B.A. candidates in person or via Skype videoconferencing, despite the potential higher costs, in an attempt to ensure interviews are being conducted in a uniform manner—and in English.

When the Admission Decision Is … Maybe

The first wave of admissions decisions have gone out from top-tier business schools. So what’s an eager candidate to do if the answer isn’t yes?

Jitters Over New GMAT

Anxious business-school applicants have something to add to their to-do list: preparation for the new “integrated reasoning” section of the GMAT.

Business Schools Plan Leap Into Data

Faced with an increasing stream of data from the Web and other electronic sources, many companies are seeking managers who can make sense of the numbers through the growing practice of data analytics, also known as business intelligence. Finding qualified candidates has proven difficult, but business schools hope to fill the talent gap.

On the Lesson Plan: Feelings

Business schools have traditionally excelled at teaching “hard skills” like finance and accounting, now more programs are incorporating courses on “soft skills,” like accepting feedback with grace and speaking to subordinates.